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Strategic Advice

We have developed our own SaaS(1) products, used by thousands of customers. We have acquired the needed expertise to help you start your web or mobile product.

Minimum Viable Product

An idea should always be validated before being entirely developed. That's why we help you define a minimum working prototype of your idea. This prototype will then be confronted to your market for validation and user feedback.

Custom Development

We rely on a low-level toolchain and not on a CMS(2). That means that we have full control on every layer of your application development stack.


Ruby on Rails
Ruby on Rails is our back-end and the backbone of all our applications.
React is a front-end JavaScript library to create reactive web applications (single-page apps) with a sound and clean architecture.
React Native
React Native allows us to build mobile applications with the same kind of technology than our web applications, but with the native feeling of Android/iPhone applications.
Twitter Bootstrap
Twitter Bootstrap is a fully customisable HTML/CSS/JS skeleton for your web application. We use it to quickly prototype your applications and make them responsive.
ElasticSearch is a powerful search engine that we use to assist your database for complex requests on a big set of data (Big Data).


We adhere to the Lean Startup methodology and its User-Driven Development approach. That's why our aim is to confront very early your application to its market, and to iterate or pivot as often as possible depending on the user feedbacks.

Agile methodology, strategic advice, sprints and market confrontation
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