Michaël Hoste

I love working on 18 side-projects at the same time, preferably open-source and always with the goal to finish them.

Cinema lover, I also see in independent video games a new art form.

When I want to take a break, I mountain bike in the middle of nature.


Aurélien Malisart

Enthusiast web developer since my teens, I develop in Ruby on Rails since September 2006 and I'm completely convinced of the productivity of small structures.

In the real world, I love music, drums, barbecues, biking and genealogy.


Creative Monkeys

We are located in the Creative Monkeys competence center.

It includes several companies and freelancers, mainly in the IT field. This non-profit association allows us to share our infrastructure and market knowledge.


Together, we share 10 years of University studies and 23 years of business experience. We have acquired the needed skills to successfully build your projects.


Unlike large organisations, we personally take care of every aspect of your projects, from analysis to development. We also personally take care of support and sales.

Let's work together!