Our Angular projects


Stoquart is a translation agency of more than 20 years of experience. It has many internal and external translators working for it daily.

We developed their new project management application. This essential tool for the company includes:

  • All their clients, suppliers, projects and tasks.
  • A complete management solution for their projects (translation memory, automatic computation of prices depending on final customers and specialities, translator suggestions etc.).
  • A central point of communication with suppliers.
  • A quoting and invoicing (clients and suppliers) integrated solution.
  • A powerful reporting tool for analysing company performance.


Textmaster is a startup that offers professional translation, web content writing and proofreading services by native speakers across the globe. They raised more than 8 millions of dollars of funding.

We developed for them:

  • A better translation interface.
  • An internal system to manage their translation memory.
  • A composition/decomposition mechanism of complex documents to extract translation units.

These features allow translators to work more efficiently on their project. Another goal was to better evaluate the complexity of new projects in order to pay a more accurate price depending on the repetition of specific parts of text.