Our ElasticSearch projects


Translation.io is an internal SaaS product we have successfully marketed to Ruby on Rails, Laravel and React developers who want to easily translate their applications.

Instead of translating directly in the code, the developer just has to use a specific syntax around the source language text, then execute a command to synchronize with the translators.

This ease of use, and the fact that the translation interface was customized for translators and marketing team (for copywriting) speed up the whole translation workflow.

Some numbers:

  • Thousands of paying customers.
  • Millions of translated sentences.
  • 80+% of code coverage.


Textmaster is a startup that offers professional translation, web content writing and proofreading services by native speakers across the globe. They raised more than 8 millions of dollars of funding.

We developed for them:

  • A better translation interface.
  • An internal system to manage their translation memory.
  • A composition/decomposition mechanism of complex documents to extract translation units.

These features allow translators to work more efficiently on their project. Another goal was to better evaluate the complexity of new projects in order to pay a more accurate price depending on the repetition of specific parts of text.