Our React projects


Translation.io is an internal SaaS product we have successfully marketed to Ruby on Rails, Laravel and React developers who want to easily translate their applications.

Instead of translating directly in the code, the developer just has to use a specific syntax around the source language text, then execute a command to synchronize with the translators.

This ease of use, and the fact that the translation interface was customized for translators and marketing team (for copywriting) speed up the whole translation workflow.

Some numbers:

  • Thousands of paying customers.
  • Millions of translated sentences.
  • 80+% of code coverage.


Neurooo.com is a consumer-oriented automatic translation tool that works with over 100 languages.

Its interface is similar to those of Google Translate or DeepL, but it uses new AI models.

These models, like OpenAI's ChatGPT, allow for better translation quality thanks to a more natural understanding of the text to be translated and its context.


Exype is a company that allows you to experience the career of a racing pilot. They offer to drive on a professional racing simulator with acceleration levels of up to 2G.

We developed a commercial website and an web application to manage and book reservations of racing slots.

We also developed a gamification platform allowing customers to create their pilot profile, to challenge themselves and to compare their rankings.

Each race makes them gain points that can be spent to unlock races and advance their career.

Some links:

JDC Airports - GMAO

Creation of a CMMS tool (Computerized Maintenance Management System) for JDC Airports, a company specialized in airport lighting.

This platform, both web and mobile, allows to locate all the infrastructure in place on the landing strips. It is used daily to report breakdowns on the ground with photos, and to follow the evolution of the installations and maintenance from the offices.

This project was complex because thousands of points of interest had to remain visible on the map simultaneously, while maintaining smooth phone navigation. The coordinate system also had to be converted during import.

These problems were solved in part by using the SVG format.


Cliché is a mobile application Android/iOS compatible that was developed in 2 days using React Native. It was created during the MIC Softlab Summer Camp 2016.

The goal of the application is to discover a new touristic place by collecting pictures of key spots. You begin with pencil drawings and you need to replace them with pictures taken with your smartphone.

Once the picture is shot, it's sent to our backend for validation. The main objective is to collect all the pictures of a touristic place.

The only hint is the distance until the spot where the picture need to be taken.

Some links:

A Million Times

288 analog clocks are animated with ReactJS and CSS transitions to create a huge digital clock.

The inspiration of this project comes from that wonderful and hypnotic piece of art: http://www.humanssince1982.com/a-million-times/

The code is open-source.


Saluc is a Belgian company with over 100 years of experience and is the world leader in the manufacture of billiard and snooker balls.

We developed for them a mobile inventory management application that is used with a Zebra terminal and is that controlled almost entirely by scanning barcodes, depending on the current context.

This application, which interfaces directly with an ERP, simplifies the daily work of the team. It also allows for faster reporting of receiving or delivery problems by taking pictures that are directly transferred to their file manager.