Our React-Native projects


Cliché is a mobile application Android/iOS compatible that was developed in 2 days using React Native. It was created during the MIC Softlab Summer Camp 2016.

The goal of the application is to discover a new touristic place by collecting pictures of key spots. You begin with pencil drawings and you need to replace them with pictures taken with your smartphone.

Once the picture is shot, it's sent to our backend for validation. The main objective is to collect all the pictures of a touristic place.

The only hint is the distance until the spot where the picture need to be taken.

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Saluc is a Belgian company with over 100 years of experience and is the world leader in the manufacture of billiard and snooker balls.

We developed for them a mobile inventory management application that is used with a Zebra terminal and is that controlled almost entirely by scanning barcodes, depending on the current context.

This application, which interfaces directly with an ERP, simplifies the daily work of the team. It also allows for faster reporting of receiving or delivery problems by taking pictures that are directly transferred to their file manager.