Our JavaScript projects

Belgian Chamber of Translators and Interpreters

We developed a website for the cbti-bkvt to:

  • Manage their members' subscriptions.
  • Allow advanced searches in their translators directory.
  • Keep their agenda and news up-to-date.
  • Manage a (mailchimp mailing-list of their active members.

The website was translated into 4 languages.

Creative Monkeys

Creative Monkeys is a coworking space allowing several young companies and freelancers in Mons to share offices in a productive and friendly atmosphere.

We developed the showcase site as well as an interface that allows members to retrieve their invoices and modify their subscriptions.

Cap Innove

Cap Innove is a company that hosts, advises and coaches companies and entrepreneurs in Walloon Brabant (Belgium).

We developed their internal management platform dealing with:

  • A CRM.
  • The booking of rooms/catering (with digital signage).
  • The hosting (office renting).
  • Projects tracking (for coaches).
  • The provision system, with automatic import of phone calls, printing and stamp machine.
  • The monthly automatic billing of clients provisions.

The platform is online since 2013 and is frequently improved.


sokoban-game.com is the quite successful evolution of a small open-source side-project.

Sokoban is a quite popular puzzle game created in 1980. You are a warehouse keeper and you need to place boxes on specific positions, but only by pushing them.

With our version of the game, we take the same recipe and added a social side of the game using Facebook.

Some numbers:

  • 8000+ registered users.
  • 500 000+ finished levels.
  • 100 millions moves and 30 millions boxes pushed.
  • 10 000+ hours spent playing the game.


XMoto.js is a HTML port of XMoto, using CoffeeScript, PixiJS and Box2D.

The hardest part of the development was to recreate a similar experience for the players, using the same levels and graphical assets as the original game.

The use of Box2D, the physics engine also used in Angry Birds was really conclusive.

Some links:

2015 façons de participer

Satellite website for the Mons 2015 event.

Citizens were able to join the projects of Mons 2015, European Capital of Culture.

It has attracted thousands of participants who were able to be contacted by the Mons 2015 team using a custom administrative interface.

A Million Times

288 analog clocks are animated with ReactJS and CSS transitions to create a huge digital clock.

The inspiration of this project comes from that wonderful and hypnotic piece of art: http://www.humanssince1982.com/a-million-times/

The code is open-source.


Saluc is a Belgian company with over 100 years of experience and is the world leader in the manufacture of billiard and snooker balls.

We developed for them a mobile inventory management application that is used with a Zebra terminal and is that controlled almost entirely by scanning barcodes, depending on the current context.

This application, which interfaces directly with an ERP, simplifies the daily work of the team. It also allows for faster reporting of receiving or delivery problems by taking pictures that are directly transferred to their file manager.